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Ciphertex SecureNas Portable Servers w/Encryption Key

Press Release: For immediate release. April 6, 2020

Chatsworth, California, USA: Ciphertex Data Security proudly announces the release of its completely new, SecureNAS series of network attached storage systems. Starting from a blank piece of paper, the SecureNAS series has been designed with the highest possible levels of both physical and encryption security, and the most rugged transportability in mind. It is the perfect fit for Healthcare, Military, Forensics, Video Security, Media & Entertainment and every other environment that physically moves confidential information between locations.

The custom designed CX-Z operating system is Linux/ZFS based and boasts a vast array of features on top of the native features provided within Linux and ZFS software defined storage (SDS). According to Ciphertex president & CEO, Jerry Kaner, “We incorporated everything we have gained from decades of experience in all phases of data security, and applied that knowledge in both the hardware and software designs for our SecureNAS systems. There is not, nor has there ever been such a complete product available in our marketplace.”

Ranging in capacity from four 3.5″ bays for either HHDs or SSDs, up to a 12 bay (8×3.5″ + 4×2.5″) device, there is a SecureNAS to meet every need. The six models in the series are:

  1. SecureNAS CX-40KHD – – Up to 4 HHDs for up to 64TB
  2. SecureNAS CX-40KSD – – Up to 4 SSDs for up to 32TB
  3. SecureNAS CX-80KSD – – Up to 8 SSDs (2.5″) for up to 64TB
  4. SecureNAS CX-80KHD-X – – Up to 8 HHDs for up to 128TB
  5. SecureNAS CX-80KSD-X – – Up to 8 SSDs (3.5″) for up to 64TB
  6. SecureNAS CX-12-KHSD-X – – Up to 8×3.5″ HHDs/SSDs and 4×2.5″ SSDs for up to 160TB

Hardware and software features abound. Click on the model number below to view all of the specifications for that product:

Ciphertex is now accepting orders for all six SecureNAS devices. For additional information, contact Ciphertex by phone at 877-977-8878 or 818-773-8989, or by email at info@ciphertex.com.

Media Contact:  Jack Tateel, jack.tateel@ciphertex.com

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