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History & Leadership

History & Leadership


In today’s advanced, interconnected world, businesses experience dramatic growth of digital data including documents, emails, and applications. Protecting the infrastructure that allows organizations to function is crucial. Security threats are inherently difficult to manage because there are so many different, constantly evolving types like, but not limited to cyber-crime, lost and stolen data, natural disasters, industrial accidents, and terrorism. Their collective economic and societal impact is enormous.

IN THE BEGINNING With its roots firmly planted in decades of experience in the world of forensics, Ciphertex Data Security is uniquely capable of delivering top of the line, leading-edge secure data solutions to all environments. From its inception, working closely with the FBI, the Secret Service and the US Treasury Department, among other law enforcement and judicial agencies, Ciphertex has accumulated an unparalleled level of insights into the wants, needs and requirements of securely protecting highly classified, confidential and private data of all forms.

Determining that no existing operating environment adequately met the rigid data security demands of these ultra-high security forensic demands, working with industry leading computer hardware suppliers, online transaction processors, operating software authors and software defined storage developers, Ciphertex laid out the specifications for what is now its ground-breaking, proprietary ZFS file system based, CX-Linux Operating System.

The overall result is now being delivered by Ciphertex Data Security in the form of its highly secure, transportable SecureNAS® family of servers, all running the CX-Linux Operating System. Whether your organization is in a forensic environment, a military environment, a healthcare environment, a media & entertainment environment or any other field that values the safety of its data, there is no better way than the Ciphertex SecureNAS® to secure data, transport data and/or migrate data.

THE INCREASING DATA SECURITY REQUIREMENT The challenges of businesses today extend beyond conventional defense methods. Security has taken on a new significance, encompassing the protection of critical infrastructure, sensitive data, and information systems data and digital assets.

Ciphertex® is recognized as a leading data security solutions provider, trusted by organizations worldwide in a vast array of diverse industries. Ciphertex delivers powerful, secure, portable data storage systems using advanced hardware encryption. Ciphertex DAS and NAS systems offer unparalleled performance, security and reliability, seamlessly integrating hardware-based AES 256-bit encryption with the latest in RAID storage technologies and smart chassis design. Designed-in flexible connectivity is guaranteed with each system able to support the leading storage interfaces and operating systems. Each multi-bay Ciphertex system also offers simplistic functionality and setup via its graphical user interface (GUI) combined with its unique, powerful data management software suite.

Ciphertex NAS, DAS, and single drive storage systems are lightweight and portable in order to be accessible to people with disabilities.


In cryptography, ciphertex(t) or cyphertex(t) is the result of encryption performed on plaintext using an encryption algorithm, called a cipher. Ciphertex(t) is also known as encrypted or encoded information because it contains a form of the original plaintext that is unreadable by a human or computer without the proper cipher to decrypt it, the inverse of encrypt.


Founder, President & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

As President and CEO of Ciphertex Data Security, Mr. Kaner brings vast experience in the areas of cryptography and computer science to the heart of strategic planning and product development for the company.
Graduating with a degree in electrical engineering from Technion Institute of Technology, Mr. Kaner began his career leading one of the first teams spearheading the development of high speed communication and sophisticated storage systems used in military satellites for the United States Air Force and NASA. He also worked on developing proprietary technologies to double the capacity of IBM and Memorex disk drives.

Mr. Kaner’s skills further expand into data recovery where he was contracted by one of the largest United States banks for disaster recovery, recovering well over 90 percent of the data from 11,000 fire-damaged disk drives, initiating the first standards for court-approved data.

He later cofounded Brand Technologies, which designed & manufactured high-performance hard disk drives.

Following his tenure at Brand Technologies, he founded Logicube, Inc., a recognized leader in data duplication and computer forensics equipment and devices.

Consulting with some of the most senior members of the FBI and Secret Service, Mr. Kaner lead a team that designed data forensic capturing systems, and a Portable Forensic Lab, thus pioneering the development of forensically sound data capturing systems for the FBI, Secret Service, and Interpol. This led him to work closely with the Forensic Science Service (FSS), a UK Government agency, to develop one of the most powerful cellular data capturing systems.

Utilizing his extensive experience with Cryptography, Mr. Kaner currently leads the Ciphertex team of engineers, product developers, data security and digital forensic consultants to push the envelope on encrypted and secure storage devices.

Utilizing Mr. Kaner’s depth of experience, the company is also backed by a team of technology partners at the leading edge of data security. Mr. Kaner evokes his passion for cryptography and data security to ensure the Ciphertex brand’s focus remains true to the word “Ciphertext,” and ensures the company’s products reach the highest level of encryption and certification.


Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Jack Tateel is a seasoned, highly skilled leader in the areas of operations, technology, sales and business development with well over four decades of C-Level management experience, all within the computer industry. With a career path that began as an 18-year-old, fully accredited computer engineer for NCR, Mr. Tateel stakes a claim to being the youngest person to ever function in that capacity for any major computer manufacturer.

During his career, Mr. Tateel founded or co-founded four computer companies, encompassing the diverse areas of computer manufacturing, service and solution implementation. All four companies thrived and were ultimately purchased by larger organizations.

Mr. Tateel is known for his ability to evaluate, organize and direct the day-to-day operations of a company, always with an eye laser focused on customer satisfaction. He is also known for his ability to deftly make quick and accurate real-time decisions, in rapid succession, demonstrating an uncanny ability to instantly grasp the essence of situations and immediately resolve them to the complete satisfaction of customers, vendors, subordinates and peers.

Mr. Tateel graduated in the field of Computer Science from the private, Denver Institute of Technology and studied marketing at the University of Southern California (USC) Marshall School of Business.


Managing Director of Information Systems Security Services

Dr. Stan Stahl is a true pioneer in the field of information security. During the course of his career Dr. Stahl secured teleconferencing at the White House, databases inside Cheyenne Mountain, and the communications network controlling our nuclear weapons arse- nal. He has served on information systems security advisory boards providing policy guidance to the White House, NSA and NIST.

Dr. Stahl is Managing Director of Ciphtertex Information Systems Security Services. He leads a highly skilled team of senior information systems security managers whose experience extends from managing the security of the IT infrastructure all the way to the Board Room.

This highly mobile team has senior-level management experience and leadership capabilities to assist clients in the design and implementation of action-focused information security improvement programs. His expertise includes a comprehensive understanding of ISO 27001-27002, HIPAA, GLBA, PCI DSS, and the myriad of information security and privacy laws emerging throughout the world.

Dr. Stahl earned his Ph.D. in mathematics from The University of Michigan. He speaks and writes regularly on information systems security and has articles in both the 5th and 6th editions of the Information Security Management Handbook. Dr. Stahl currently serves as President of the Los Angeles Chapter of the Information Systems Security Association.


Managing Director of Data Forensic Services

Brad Maryman spent 29 years as Supervisory Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). During this time, he conducted and supervised investigations, served as an Information Systems Administrator and Security Programs Manager. He has also served as Chairman and Member-at-Large of the advisory board to the Director of the FBI on computer and information systems.

Mr. Maryman also has a wide−range of electronic discovery experience in recovering and processing electronic records produced by a broad variety of computer operating systems and applications. He has testified extensively in criminal and civil matters and provid- ed depositions and affidavits in support of civil litigation efforts.

He leads Ciphertex Data Forensic Services, managing a highly skilled and seasoned team of Data Forensic Examiners with extensive experience performing technical, training and investigative services for U.S. and international agencies as well as Fortune 1000 companies. This team has conducted forensic data acquisitions, retrieval, and analysis on an extensive variety of digital evidence ranging from electronic business records and communications to network logs and encrypted files.

“From litigation support to cyber response matters, our team has not only been there and done that, we lead the way.”

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