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Cyber Security in the Age of Information: Military-Grade Encryption to Protect Your Data

Military-grade encryption delivers extreme security to military and government entities, and is also available to the public via commercial products. Here we explore military-grade encryption and the benefits it can offer home and business networks.

Security That’s Virtually Unbreakable

“Military-grade” refers to AES-256 encryption. This standard was established in order to be in compliance with the Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) that govern the handling of sensitive data. It offers 128-bit block encryption via the use of cryptographic keys.

AES-256 encryption is the current technology which replaced the older 56-bit cryptographic keys of the Data Encryption Standard, or DES.

Products That Ensure Optimal Data Security

Today, military-grade encryption is available in a wide range of products, including hard disk drives, cloud devices, and portable devices. In fact, you can now transport up to 174TB of data with military-grade safety and security.

When you need a reliable solution, it’s important to ensure the products you choose are able to offer complete data security that meets both healthcare HIPPA standards for privacy certification and Level 3 security standards of the federal government’s FIPS 140-2.

Want to learn more about what’s behind the power of military-grade encryption? Check out this detailed infographic from Ciphertex.

Military Grade Encryption To Protect Your Data

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