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Partner Program

Partner Program

At Ciphertex Data Security, we believe strong partnerships lead to strong results for everyone. As a partner, you deliver results we could never achieve on our own. That’s why we’ve created a program that is simple, predictable and profitable. We will continue to invest heavily in the program and partner relationships that serve your customers for Ciphertex products.

Ciphertex is making a global impact on customers and industries worldwide. There is an enormous opportunity for us to grow together and become very successful channels in multiple industries. We enable collaborative workflows so that our customers can work faster together. We also believe in collaboration in business, and, as such, we are looking for reseller partners who are as passionate as we are. Our expedition to success starts now!


Ciphertex Data Security is a recognized leader in providing data security solutions, and is trusted by a vast array of organizations in widely diverse industries worldwide, including the US Government and the US Military to protect their mission critical data via high levels of encryption and durable, secure appliances. Ciphertex custom builds powerful, secure and portable data storage systems employing AES-256 bit hardware encryption and hardware enhanced software encryption. Ciphertex’ Direct Attached Storage (DAS) and Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices are built with the latest in hardware RAID technology, high end chip sets, state of the art processors and a smart, durable chassis design. Ciphertex solutions deliver unparalleled performance, style, security and reliability.

  • External Enterprise Level Storage Systems
  • Certified Compliance Encrypted Portable Appliances
  • Desktop NAS Solutions
  • Rack mount NAS Solutions
  • Data Migration Services
  • Data Protection
  • Custom Engineering and Product Design
  • Best-in-Class Service and Support


  • Partner assets including enablement tools, sales collateral, marketing resources and tools
  • Priority access to Ciphertex leads
  • Lead generation via responses on our “Where to Buy” website landing page
  • Eligibility to earn Marketing Development Funds (MDF)
  • Participation in Growth Incentive Rebate programs (GIR / VIR)
  • Access to Deal Registration allowing for increased margin on the opportunity
  • Training and support
  • Demo units and loaner unit availability


In order to sell and support Ciphertex products, whether you purchase the products directly from Ciphertex or through one of our distribution partners, you must become an Authorized Ciphertex Reseller. If you are interested in becoming an AUTHORIZED CIPHERTEX RESELLER (PARTNER), contact the CIPHERTEX SALES TEAM AT (818)773-8989 or toll free (877)977-8878 or by email; sales@ciphertex.com.


As part of the authorization process, your sales team may be required to participate in training, delivered by Ciphertex, on how to position and sell our products.


In order to receive any level of reseller pricing on Ciphertex products, you must be an Authorized Ciphertex Reseller.


Opportunity Registration is open to Authorized Ciphertex Resellers, and the following conditions apply:

  1. The Partner must submit opportunities to the Ciphertex Sales Team via email, with the following information, to have them considered for registration:
    • Company name and contact information for the end customer
    • A complete description of the Ciphertex product(s) involved
    • A description of how and where the prospective deal originated.
      • You must be the authorized reseller who proposed or otherwise originated the opportunity
      • Deals in which the prospect first specified Ciphertex equipment in a solicitation process are not eligible
  2. Opportunities are considered on a deal-by-deal basis, not for an entire corporation. For example, you could register an opportunity for a Disney production or for an individual department within Disney, but you cannot register Disney, itself, as an opportunity.
  3. Registration requests will be reviewed and verified by the Ciphertex Sales Team before registration may be granted. The Partner will be informed by email if the registration is granted or denied.
  4. When registration is granted for an opportunity, it will be for a period if 90 days, and the Partner must provide timely updates (no less than every 21 days) in order to maintain the registration.
  5. Ciphertex will notify the Partner two weeks prior to the expiration of an opportunity registration. The Partner may, via email, request an extension of the opportunity registration for an additional 90 days. The Ciphertex Sales Team will review the request and notify the Partner, via email, whether the extension is granted or denied.
  6. Ciphertex reserves the right to modify, change, or cancel the Opportunity Registration Program, or any registration granted under the program, without notice, for any reason, at its sole discretion.


Authorized Ciphertex Resellers will be eligible to purchase one unit from each Ciphertex product family at a reduced cost, once every 6 months, for the promotion and demonstration of these products.


From time to time, Ciphertex may offer sales incentives, in various forms, to entice our Partners to sell Ciphertex solutions. Ciphertex will require all necessary tax information for the reporting of any sales incentives that are paid out.


The Ciphertex Sales Team and our Workflow Specialists are available to assist Partners with configuration of Ciphertex solutions, as well as to support our Partners in the sales process.


Ciphertex creates videos and written case studies on interesting and exciting uses of Ciphertex solutions as marketing tools for our products. Ciphertex Partners will be eligible to submit their customers for the creation of case studies to be used to co-market Ciphertex and the Partner.


Market Development Funds (MDF) may be made available for Ciphertex Partners, on a case-by-case basis, for projects that promote the Ciphertex brand and help develop sales of Ciphertex solutions by the Partner.

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