Cut Data Encryption Costs with Ciphertex


At Ciphertex, our mission is to protect the data of every professional and organization on the planet by delivering powerful and portable data systems with advanced encryption and migration features. To achieve maximum data protection for our customers, we adopted a hybrid encryption model and combined the most useful hardware and software encryption features to […]

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Ciphertex: Who Are We?


Ciphertex Data Security is trusted around the globe to provide solutions for data encryption, storage, and transportation. Our products and services are used by military organizations, government agencies, industry leaders, businesses, and personal users. With advanced AES 256-bit encryption technology, these devices are powerful enough to keep even your most sensitive data secure. How do […]

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Data Encryption


In a substitution cipher, single letters, pairs of letters, or groups of three letters (or any combination of these) are changed, but the order of the letters stays the same. Simple substitution ciphers use single letters, whereas polygraphic ciphers use larger groups of letters. In plain terms, letters are substituted for other letters. In the […]

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