RAID Calculator Tool

RAID Calculator Tool

To assist you in selecting the right Ciphertex SecureNAS to meet your needs, use this RAID-Z calculator to determine how much usable disk space you get with select NAS appliances in different RAID-Z configurations. Based on the total RAW capacity (in TB) and RAID-Z configuration you select, the calculator will show recommended products and their respective 1) model number, 2) total raw capacity, 3) storage allocated for data protection, 4) and usable capacity. 

Note: 1TB = 1024GB

1. How many drives do you want your SecureNAS to have?
2. Click on an HDD (SSD) to Add

I want N drives with 0 TB capacity each.

For maximum performance and capacity efficiency, all drive bays are populated with the same drive model and size. *Excluding the 12-bay HDD/SSD hybrid SecureNAS

3. RAIDZ Configuration
Space: RAW Space Available Space Used for protection
4. Your SecureNAS
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Raid Calculator