Client Testimonials

“Ciphertex has been our go-to company for encrypted storage for nearly two decades . . . Jerry Kaner and the Ciphertex team were able to get us the equipment needed in a very short amount of time.”
Anonymous Forensics Project
"We perform large-scale e-discovery and forensics work for classified government agency projects. We’ve used several Ciphertex SecureNAS CX-160KSSD-X 480TB servers recently to great success for an ongoing project."
Large Enterprise Government contractor
Anonymous Forensics Project
"We were assigned the monumental task of handling a staggering 960 Terabytes of data across four locations, alongside an additional 175 Terabytes spread across three more locations, seemed like an insurmountable challenge. The urgency to transfer this vast amount of data to our forensic lab within a tight timeframe was daunting, especially considering the necessity for multiple examiners to analyze the data concurrently.

Navigating through various network environments, some of which demanded heightened security measures in a different data center, only added to the complexity. After multiple meetings and investigations in search of the most efficient and cost-effective solution, our team turned to Ciphertex Data Security, a reputable U.S.-based company headquartered in DC."
Large Enterprise Government contractor
Anonymous Government Contractor Project
"In our consultations with Ciphertex, their technical team proved invaluable, offering insightful advice that preemptively addressed potential delays. Within a mere week, we had the product in our possession. With swift implementation, our system was soon operational, requiring just a few additional days for software fine-tuning and setup adjustments before deployment.

Thanks to Ciphertex’s solution, our mission was accomplished seamlessly, meeting our deadlines and significantly reducing costs. Moreover, the versatility of their product allowed for immediate reuse in subsequent assignments through Ciphertex Instant Secure Erase feature. Ever since, Ciphertex has been a dependable ally whenever we’ve required their expertise and support."
Large Forensics Enterprise Government Contractor
Government Agency Project
"Our experience with Ciphertex was nothing short of exceptional. Entrusted with the critical task of relocating a substantial volume of data (480TB) from disparate locations to a highly secure data center boasting a distinct network environment, the stakes couldn’t have been higher. The data we handled was of utmost sensitivity, demanding foolproof protection throughout its journey.

Utilizing Ciphertex’s SecureNAS systems across three separate locations, we were equipped with encrypted solutions tailored to safeguard our valuable data. What’s more, with the flexibility to operate seamlessly across both 10G and 40G copper and fiber networks, Ciphertex’s technology proved adaptable to our diverse needs.Thanks to Ciphertex’s robust encryption protocols and efficient systems, the transfer of our encrypted data was executed flawlessly, without encountering any hiccups along the way. With peace of mind knowing our data was secure, we successfully completed our mission."
Large Government Agency
Anonymous Forensic Accounting Project
"Our team encountered a significant challenge relocating a vast amount of forensic accounting data from one state to Washington DC, requiring several machines each with a capacity of 275TB useable data. The scale of this task demanded a resilient and highly secure solution. We opted for Ciphertex’s SecureNAS systems to tackle this challenge. With their advanced encryption technology, these systems offered the perfect protection for our sensitive data. Transported via aircraft in durable travel cases, all our data arrived safely at its destination. Upon receiving the SecureNAS units, we were eager to put them to the test.

Once plugged in, they operated flawlessly, seamlessly integrating into our workflow without any issues. Thanks to Ciphertex’s dependable technology, our encrypted data transfer was executed smoothly, contributing to the successful completion of our forensic accounting project."
Large Government Agency
APA (American Photographers Association)
"I’ve been using the SecureNAS CX-40KSSD with 120TB storage for more than 8 years, and it’s incredibly convenient and user-friendly. I handle numerous high-res images and videos while constantly moving between studios. The SecureNAS is my go-to data backup and archive, offering top-notch security and encryption that gives my high-profile clients peace of mind. Because of the piracy issue in our industry, protecting digital video and photos is essential. The portability is also a nice touch as I frequently move from one studio to another.

I’ve also worked with the SecureNAS CX-80KSSD-X with 240TB of space. It’s been smooth, fast, and secure, saving me both time and money. Thanks, Ciphertex for providing such an excellent solution!"
Brooks Ayola
Professional Photographer, APA
ATPGOV & Ace Technology Partners
"Ciphertex was able to deliver a very secure and robust portable NAS solution that met the United States Air Forces stringent requirements and everything was accomplished. Not an easy task. The USAF has very high security standards with regards to encryption and the need for a very customizable Portable Storage solution.

From initial consultation with the USAF to make sure all of their needs were met, to sending evaluation NAS devices and hosting support calls, there was a very open and good exchange of ideas. Our partnership on this Storage project resulted in a volume order with the USAF and a successful deployment.

Thanks very much to you and your staff for always being available for support and your professional courtesy. It was a pleasure working with you and we look forward to future projects!"
Gary Mosso
Regional Sales Director
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