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About Us

The Ciphertex Advantage

Our affordable, customizable SecureNAS® systems offer superior security and performance.
Ciphertex Certifications



Guard your critical files with SecureNAS® products, ensuring secure and reliable cold data storage.
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RAIDZ Calculator

RAIDZ Calculator

Determine your useable data needs. Use our Ciphertex® “RAIDZ” Calculator to help you decide the correct system to purchase.
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Ciphertex OS

Ciphertex OS

Security-enhanced embedded software for your network’s safety and speed. OpenZFS, automated backup and migration are a few of the features.
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Let's build relationship with a wide range of partners to help you meet your business and technology needs.
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Which SecureNAS®
is right for you?

Ciphertex® can tailor a SecureNAS® system to meet your specific requirements, no matter the size of your enterprise.

Key Features

The Ciphertex® operating system comes installed on every SecureNAS®.
There is no charge for the license and no renewal fees.
We believe in Cybersecurity.
Large Network Attached Storage
  • Durable, reliable, recessed handle for ease of transport.

  • Rugged construction is built with military transport in mind.

Flexible Account Management

  • Built-in Administrator

  • User and Group Assignments

  • ADS Integration

Reinforcing steel bar helps protect against impact.

Product Dimensions:

  • Height: 9.8”
  • Width: 11.25”
  • Length: 10.5”

(Dimensions reflect the CX-120KSSD-X shown in image)

  • One-touch copy feature.
  • USB-C port for FIPS 140-2 encrypted key.
  • Protective lockable door.
  • Includes 2 FIPS 140-2 certified keys.
  • Customizable SSD or HDD drives.
  • 2 internal SSD OS drives.

Status & Notifications

  • Status Logs
  • Performance Profile
  • Drive Health
  • LCD Front Panel Display
  • Hardware Sensors
  • Environmental Sensors
  • Emailed Alerts
Ciphertex® Operating System

Organizations Worldwide Trust Their Data To Ciphertex®


Empowering Your Operations

File Sharing

Global enterprises can now enjoy the benefits of a large file transfer solution without having to worry about bandwidth constraints or limitations.

Data Encryption

Data Encryption converts your confidential data into a complex algorithm that only someone with access to the FIPS Hardware key can decrypt.

Storage Virtualization

It is a method that lets you control and simulate virtual machines, allows more efficient utilization of physical computer hardware.


Safeguarding Tomorrow's Data

Our secure data storage solutions are designed to meet the tightest standards
whether employed in the defense sector or commercial industries.

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