The SecureNAS® Family

Secure Network Attached Storage for Sensitive Missions.
Network Attached Storage Devices

Encrypted & Portable NAS Servers (4-16 Bays)

From 16TB to 88TB (HDD)
From 8TB to 120TB (SSD)
From 15TB to 64TB (SSD)
From 64TB to 176TB (HDD)
From 30TB to 240TB (SSD)
From 255TB to 272TB (SSD)
From 191TB to 206TB (HDD/SSD Hybrid)
From 105TB to 420TB (NVMe)
From 128TB to 352TB (HDD)
From 60TB to 480TB (SSD)

CX-JBOD Expansion

From 4TB to 245TB
From 4TB to 123TB

Encrypted Pocket Single Drives

Encrypted Rackmount Servers (10-24 Bays)

Ciphertex Data Security® introduces the NVMe ONLY Flash server rackmount NAS line, offering custom scalable storage solutions in 10 and 24 bay configurations. Powered by a cutting-edge 2nd generation AMD® EPYC™ CPU with up to a remarkable 4TB of memory, these servers provide unparalleled performance and reliability. Featuring DDR4 ECC RAM for dependable operation and data protection, they support various connectivity options such as Ethernet, Fibre, Channel, and Copper.

Ideal for optimizing data center operations, SecureNAS® rackmount servers are designed to fit standard 19” racks and built to handle the heaviest and most demanding workloads. They boast 25Gbe ports and utilize NVMe U.2 (PCIe Gen 3 x4) with over 32Gb/s dedicated bandwidth. With impressive operational speeds of 14,028 MB/s Read and 10,582 MB/s Write, these servers are performance champions. Specifically designed for flash storage, they incorporate ZFS technology, inline data deduplication, and compression, enhancing bandwidth efficiency and space utilization for long-term durability.

The Ciphertex SecureNAS® lineup of rugged and dependable servers, including rackmount servers, are meticulously designed and constructed to ensure uninterrupted operation in challenging environments. With a track record spanning 15 years, we’ve supplied numerous servers to defense and commercial enterprises globally, each fully customizable to fulfill specific mission requirements. The SecureNAS® Line stands out as a formidable powerhouse of systems. Businesses and professionals with stringent demands for reliability can depend on SecureNAS® servers to deliver the highest level of performance.

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