The Ciphertex Advantage

Affordable, Customizable NAS Solutions with Superior Security & Performance


Ciphertex® is a leading data security solutions provider trusted by organizations worldwide.

Ciphertex® is a Los Angeles-based American company that manufactures encrypted network-attached storage for organizations and agencies of all sizes. Every Ciphertex® storage system incorporates proprietary and innovative software (Ciphertex® OS), the latest encryption technology, and enterprise-level build quality for unparalleled performance, style, and security.
In today’s interconnected world, businesses are experiencing a dramatic growth of digital data along with an increasing number of security threats. Protecting the infrastructure that allows organizations to function is crucial. Security threats are inherently difficult to manage due to different, constantly evolving types (i.e. cyber-crime, lost and stolen data, natural disasters, industrial accidents, terrorism, etc.).
The collective economic and societal impact from such threats is enormous. This is where Ciphertex® can help your organization. With roots firmly planted in decades of experience working within the forensics and military sectors, Ciphertex® is uniquely capable of providing secure storage solutions to keep your data protected and accessible at all times.


The Ciphertex Advantage

Ciphertex® Production Facility

Ciphertex® manufacturing process and products meet a comprehensive assortment of coveted certifications, compliances and features that fulfill the strict regulatory guidelines required by the various industries we serve. These fortify each Ciphertex® product with unmatched levels of security, unlimited capacity, and rugged portability.
With our design and development team, production facilities, testing lab, and headquarters all based in Los Angeles, California, Ciphertex® is proud to provide American-made solutions.
ISO 9001 Certified- Ciphertex
At Ciphertex®, our customer-centric focus starts with providing digital storage solutions that can be relied upon to perform securely and flawlessly under the most demanding requirements. To ensure this most critical feature of our products, we achieved ISO 9001 Certification led by NSF-ISR, a leading global certification body. The rigorous assessment process required for ISO 9001 Certification included full examination of our management policies, our best practices and our complete organizational procedures.
This certification ensures that we can identify the root of a problem in manufacturing or operations if one should arise, and swiftly define an accurate solution, thereby improving the overall efficiency and quality of our products and services.
What this means to our customers is the assurance that our products and services will be delivered on time, meeting the highest standards of quality and reliability. Proving our technical expertise and company wide procedures through this independent audit and certification, AS9100D WITH ISO 9001:2015, highlights our commitment to Quality Management and exhibits yet another reason to choose Ciphertex Data Security® for all of your digital storage solutions.

Note: Audited in accordance with AS9104/1:2012 Requirements for Aviation, Space and Defense Quality Management System Certification Programs. NSF-ISR is accredited under the American Aerospace Quality Group Registration Management Committee.

Additional Certifications

HIPAA Compliant
FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Certified
CE|FCC Certified
NSF-ISR Certification
ANSI National Accreditation Board
GSA Schedule 70 Contract
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