Rugged NAS System with High-Performance Enterprise-Class Components



NVMe SSDs, based on the PCIe bus, significantly increase speed by supporting more commands per queue and the available per lane data rate. For example, Ciphertex®‘s SecureNAS® CX-140KNVMe appliances use a PCIe 4.0 bus interface that can sustain 16 giga-transitions per second (GT/s). These SSD drives are the fastest available today and provide near-instantaneous access to volumes, folders, and files.
“When compared to enterprise SATA, data center NVMe SSDs are better equipped to handle demanding storage workloads at faster rates and deliver data more efficiently. Data center NVMe SSDs are built for speed and quality of service (QoS), which results in better server utilization and therefore better Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).” – NVMExpress.com
The drive sizes of NVMe SSDs are also worth mentioning as they are many times lighter than HDDs and can hold appreciably more data per drive. Some drive models can hold up to 30 TB per drive, meaning in a 14-bay system such as the one Ciphertex® currently offers, the SecureNAS® CX-140KNVMe, users get a combined total of 420 TB of quickly accessible RAW NVMe storage.


SecureNAS® CX-40K, CX-80K, CX-120K, and CX-160K models include SAS controllers, allowing them to operate both SAS and SATA enterprise drives. Performance, reliability, and data protection are only some of the benefits SAS has over SATA.
The SAS protocol offers further benefits evident in practical scenarios. For example, a common customer request involves the need for NAS systems capable of secure, regular, and efficient repurposing to physically move data between locations. This includes scenarios such as transferring a NAS with patient records (EMR or EHR) from a hospital to a data center, drive erasure that meets HIPAA compliance, and subsequently dispatching the NAS to another hospital.
We added a feature to our storage management software called ‘Instant Secure Erase’ to meet this requirement. When used in conjunction with SAS drives, it allows users to quickly destroy every file and bit in approximately 20 minutes or less, even on Ciphertex®‘s highest capacity systems.

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