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Meet CX-Linux, Custom Operating System Software by Ciphertex

The revolutionary, new Ciphertex CX-Linux customizable operating system software platform introduces a fresh approach with smooth browsing and a vast array of built-in Enterprise-Level features and functionality. Increasing efficiency for both professional and personal users, the modern user interface of CX-Linux allows you to be in total control of your most valued possession, your data. Combining our highly-efficient software technology and dedicated hardware, users are empowered to achieve lightning-fast results, successfully reducing the overall costs of maintaining highly secure, Enterprise-level data storage.

The Ciphertex SecureNAS® provides optimized data management and SSD cache acceleration, serving as an all-in-one backup solution that improves performance and efficiency.

Our Ciphertex CX-Linux operating system includes a Storage Manager with back-up volumes, data migration, and storage for your LUN snapshots for future use. Data-sharing is a breeze with the Ciphertex SecureNAS® Quick-Link option, allowing users to combine multiple devices on a shared network without requiring internet connectivity, keeping your data protected from hackers. In addition to backing up data on the Ciphertex SecureNAS®, our cloud service provides a comprehensive disaster recovery solution.

Click here to read about the features of the CX-Linux operating system.

Need environment specific operating system features that you just cannot find anywhere? CX-Linux is completely customizable. Click here to read about our Custom Software Development Services.

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