Best NAS Storage- Ciphertex


Resilient User-friendly & Feature-rich NAS Software
Enterprise Data Encryption Software

Seamless Networking.
Intelligent Storage.

SecureNAS® Software designed to reduce the complexity of data security.

With FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validated cryptographic modules, OpenZFS, automated backup, and migration come installed on every SecureNAS® making sharing data between many connected devices a breeze.
A light web GUI frees up memory for other important data serving tasks.
A simplified approach to sharing files between collaborators on your network

Comes installed on every SecureNAS® appliance and costs $0.

Provides a scalable solution built for the unique requirements of your business. We partner with you during every step to ensure that your system is optimized to save you time and money.
ZFS integration offers petabyte scalability at a reduced cost. Simply connect another Ciphertex® storage device and configure it via the primary controller interface.
From the convenience of a lightweight web interface, users can configure ZFS storage pools and file systems, and encrypt/compress volumes.
The SecureNAS® portfolio allows you to tailor, deploy and manage your infrastructure while lowering operating costs. Future proof your office or data center with expandable compute- ready network storage
SecureNAS® provides a comprehensive, cyber-resilient architecture with security embedded into every server to protect your data. Use Instant Secure Erase to help ensure data privacy when you repurpose your network storage or after offloading data.

IT Management For All Environments

Manage Ciphertex SecureNAS® servers in virtual, local, and remote environments.

Accomplish More With Intelligent Storage

With automated redundancy and backup tools integrated across the SecureNAS® solutions portfolio, your systems work for you.

Manage With Clarity

An intuitive interface displays real-time health and status of your server infrastructure.

Cybersecurity At The Edge

Ciphertex® developed security packages enhance your networks safety, speed, and bring cybersecurity to your private edge.

Ciphertex Protect® Key

FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified Ciphertex Protect® hardware encryption keys can be paired and managed within the storage management platform.

Optimize With Deduplication

A highly optimized version of block-based data deduplication to reduce storage space consumption while improving read/write speeds.

Uncompromising Performance and Density for Productivity and Scale

SecureNAS® intelligent management means you spend less time on routine
maintenance so you can focus on your business’s priorities.

Cross-environment connectivity

For wide ranging compatibility, the storage platform supports the
following protocols: FTP, iSCSI, NFS, SMB, WebDAV, and Rsync
Enterprise NAS Software

Ultimate expansion option

Modern IT infrastructures are powerful and adaptable, yet, often challenging to manage. Ciphertex SecureNAS® Series and CiphertexOS® help reduce the complexity of your IT infrastructure with intuitive tools that work together to deliver automated, repeatable processes to enable simple management.
Data Security Device


  • iSCSI
  • WebDav

Optional Network/
Graphic Interface Cards

10G Copper / Fibre

Upgradable to 50G Fibre and *200G on
select systems

Resilient Next Generation Storage

Scale up or scale out with ZFS.
ZFS architecture works similarly to traditional hardware RAID, except it uses smaller RAIDs in partitions called “Vdevs”, or virtual devices. ZFS detects silent data corruption better than traditional RAID and it writes data to a log before writing to storage blocks — if a drive fails or the system shuts down unexpectedly, the cached log will store the writes-in- process until ZFS determines it’s safe to resume.
RAID Data Security
Enterprise NAS Storage

ZFS RAID-Z Redundancy Levels:

  • Striped Mirror
  • RAIDZ-1
  • RAIDZ-2
  • RAIDZ-3
  • Striped Set


Best NAS Storage- Ciphertex
CiphertexOS® offers a wide range of storage and networking features for SMB and enterprise IT administrators.
NAS Storage Security

Storage Administration for IT Professionals

Free, secure, and intelligent, Ciphertex® OS is the go-to NAS solution for serving data on-premises and moving data between locations.

Data Security is What We Do

CiphertexOS® combined with the Ciphertex Protect® AES 256-bit hardware encryption key delivers top-level cybersecurity at the edge – without the decryption passcode, nobody can access your system.

Administration Made Easy

The CiphertexOS® dashboard gives administrators an in-depth overview of the SecureNAS® system’s current status, performance, and storage usage.

USB Port Firewall

Administrators have the ability to easily enable USB port blocking and to prevent unauthorized system access. When enabled, SecureNAS® will ignore all communication from all external USB devices.

IP Web Interface

Administrators can connect over IP on LAN. The intuitive web-based graphical interface of CiphertexOS® offers an easy-to-use tree-structured menu to access advanced services and settings.
Best NAS Storage- Ciphertex

Storage Management Software

Amplify your security and productivity with the CiphertexOS®, and the easy-to-use web interface. Designed by the Ciphertex® Development team in Los Angeles, CA, USA.
Storage Management Software

Your Security Is Key

Encryption Key Management:


Data At Rest Management

Data is protected with the CiphertexOS® implementation of the US government’s Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). Data cannot be accessed by unauthorized persons even if the server or its disks are lost or stolen.

Security At Scale

The CiphertexOS® platform provides many options for architecting secure storage environments for companies of any size – from SMBs to enterprises to governmental agencies.
Best NAS Storage- Ciphertex

Data Transfer Encryption

Active Directory integration gives administrators more flexibility when using the SecureNAS® in a complex multi-user network environment.


Schedule daily or weekly scans, upload virus definitions, and quarantine infected files.

Account Management

Admin Account

CiphertexOS® defines a permanent administrator account to ensure login access to your SecureNAS® at all times – the password can be changed after NAS setup.

Users And Groups

Strong data security involves setting up other admin, super user, user or group accounts and defining permissions for network shares and volume access.

ADS Integration

Strong data security involves setting up other admin, super user, user or group accounts and defining permissions for network shares and volume access.

Storage & Sharing


CiphertexOS® ZFS Implementation

The CiphertexOS® implementation of OpenZFS provides a simplified way of managing storage pools, filesystems, and redundancy.


ZFS eliminates the user maintenance tasks that traditional RAID implementations require. It is self-healing and highly resistant to data loss as opposed to standard RAID systems.

Data Deduplication

A highly optimized version of block based data deduplication to reduce storage space consumption.


Network sharing of volumes on a per user or group basis supported by both Windows Active Directory and local Linux authentication.


Share filesystems over the network that can be accessed by designated FTP clients.


Quick and easy setup of NFS shares.

LFTS Phoenix

Allows users to collaboratively read, write, and share content directly in an HTTP web server client.

ISCSI Target

Reserve sections of your storage pools so that users can mount and access volumes (drives) locally on their client. ISCSI target uses CHAP authentication.

Portable USB

CiphertexOS® allows your SecureNAS® to share the data on a USB drive over your local network.

ZFS Filesystem and Volume Manager

OpenZFS for a safer, more resilient system.
Highly flexible storage pool and volume configuration options including storage pools grow/re-layout for ZFS-based pools, thin provisioning/over provisioning for storage volumes, along with volume resizing. Compression can be enabled for storage volumes which both increases usable capacity and performance by reducing the amount of stored data.

Data Optimization

High Data Reliability and Availability

Data integrity checks (Bit Rot Protection) are automatically computed for both data blocks and meta-data blocks with the ZFS-based advanced storage pool type.
Enterprise NAS Server



Customize the IP Address and DNS settings using a unique algorithm that detects only the changed parts of files and MTU for each network interface.


Configure up to three (3) DNS addresses and a DNS search path.


Combine network interfaces to enhance performance by aggregating their bandwidths.


Create routes for individual network interfaces and assign their priority for optimizing routing.


Add custom host entries in order to resolve host names without using a DNS.

Backup & Restore

Create backup schedules that can be saved to local drives, LTO tape and industry standard cloud services. These backups are available to restore your SecureNAS® in the event this becomes necessary for any reason.


Create snapshots which can be used to restore your SecureNAS® to a specific, previous point in time.

Client & Peer Backup/Restore

Centrally manage backup and restore functions of computers on the network with your SecureNAS®.


Remotely save system configurations so they can be restored on the same SecureNAS® or on another SecureNAS®. System updates are done remotely through the server’s web interface, without physical interaction.

Status & Notifications


Status Logs

View both system logs and user logs to monitor the health and activities of your SecureNAS®.

Performance Profile

CiphertexOS® dashboard gives users an overview of system performance and resources.


Monitor drive health and receive advance warning of potential drive failure to take preventative action.



CiphertexOS® employs the LCD front panel of your SecureNAS® to display system and status information.


Access the sensor monitor via the SecureNAS® Dashboard to view the current status of its hardware components. Any component in an out-of-range condition will trigger a notification.


Configure CiphertexOS® to automatically send event notifications to an email address.

Software Technology Partners

Ciphertex® works with network of secure supply chain partners around the globe to provide our customers with reliable solutions

Confidential computing is our core value.

We believe in secure and resilient network infrastructure for the American people. The U.S. government and military source Ciphertex® systems through GSA.
Proudly Made in the USA
GSA Schedule 70 Contract
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