How Remote Teams Protect Data in the Entertainment Industry

With the cost of TV and film productions routinely running into the eight figures, entertainment companies should do whatever possible to safeguard all the data generated over the course of producing a project. This data includes everything from dailies to call sheets to payroll and private information. If project content or personal private information were to leak and be made public, it could have serious consequences for the production and legal consequences for those involved.

Having said that, however, it’s undoubtedly true that many productions fail to establish adequate safeguards for their valuable data. Part of this is due to the challenges posed by having teams in remote locations and using outdated data storage methods like JBODs that are easy to misplace, break or steal. When shooting on location, valuable footage and other materials must be securely stored until it can be sent back to the main production hub.

By starting a project on the right foot with secure and durable data storage practices, remote teams can minimize the risk of leaked or deleted data and more. Ciphertex Data Security® products, like the SecureNAS® Series, are a one-stop shop for the most secure data protection and secure network hub for remote projects from which teams of up to 10 people can plug in and work at 100% performance. The following infographic from Ciphertex Data Security® provides a quick overview of the data security practices that remote teams in the entertainment business can follow to ensure a smooth, problem-free production.

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