Data Networking

Centralized Network Location

Ciphertex SecureNAS can be used as a centralized location on the network. The SecureNAS can be connected to the network and provide storage to multiple devices. It can be a dedicated file server that can be accessed by multiple users.

It allows the user to store and share data and access to a file from any device connected to the network. SecureNAS gives the network a single access point of storage with built-in security, management, and fault tolerant capabilities. SecureNAS supports redundant array of independent disks (RAID) configuration.

Benefits of a Ciphertex Data Security SecureNAS

The SecureNAS platform and CiphertexOS make it easy for any application to join the network without disrupting operations. SecureNAS makes data management simple and secure.


With built-in data protection, you can be sure that your valuable information is safeguarded and protected.


Maximize capacity and streamline your entire storage setup. SecureNAS's scalability is impressive with the ability to effortlessly expand its storage capacity.


Make collaboration easy, no matter the distance. With just one click you can grant secure remote access between members of your distributed workforce. Enjoy all the features of a private cloud without breaking the bank on storage costs.


Not only is the SecureNAS great for shared storage, but with built-in backup software and other features, users can keep their critical files safe and secure in case of disaster.


SecureNAS is an excellent choice for those looking to quickly and securely store large files. It offers unbeatable speeds when it comes to both reading and writing data, making it the perfect solution for media storage or as a backup system.


Ciphertex provides a secure, cost-effective solution for businesses and organizations looking to store and share large amounts of data.

What is SecureNAS used for?

The SecureNAS enables users to collaborate and share data more efficiently. Data can be distributed to multiple teams that need remote access or work in different time zones. The SecureNAS makes it simple to distribute users to access files from any desktop, mobile service, with a network connection. Some companies use the NAS environment as a storage for private cloud.

Enterprise IT Infrastructure


Enterprises IT are facing a reality of ever-changing business demands and fluid application architectures, requiring the IT infrastructure to reach new levels of efficiency in order to remain competitive. Legacy management techniques may not suffice; organizations need an effective strategy that streamlines operations while creating a foundation for adaptation. Ciphertex Data Security provides solutions tailored towards achieving these goals - improving operational efficiencies and security as well as increasing resilience against complex challenges

Computer networks are the lifeblood of modern society. They enable communication

The idea of a shared resource is one that enables the sharing of information without requiring a physical connection. Resources such as printers, storage and internet can all be made available for use by multiple people at once through this type of networking technology.

Communication is key to the success of any business. When you link computers via a data network, it's easy and fast for employees who are on different tiers or floors in your building all work together seamlessly because they can communicate with each other without having physical transfer media like flash drives. Collaboration is a great way to get work done more effectively and efficiently when collaborating with others in real-time.

Ciphertex Solutions for Small Businesses

A NAS system can revolutionize the way small businesses work, providing a lower cost option with ease of operation and data backup that keeps information accessible from anywhere. This agile technology is ideal for teams who need to collaborate across different locations or devices as well as those needing growth capability without fear of disruption in operations due to unexpected changes.

1. Lower cost options: Ciphertex offers lower cost storage options compared to other providers. This makes it an affordable choice for small businesses and organizations.

2. Ease of operation: SecureNAS is easy to operate, even if you don't have an IT staff. You can easily back up your data and access it when you need it.

3. Growth capability: SecureNAS has the ability to grow with your business. You can start with a small capacity and upgrade as your needs change.

4. Security: Ciphertex takes security seriously, using 256-bit encryption and other measures to protect your data


Ciphertex Data Storage Solutions


SecureNAS cutting-edge security and performance for your workflows with our specialized I/O purpose built appliances featuring high-grade encryption capabilities. Optimize the speed and architecture of your servers to ensure a smooth data flow.

CPU: Our top-of-the-line processors ensure that your data is processed as quickly as possible, so you can get back to business.

Capacity: With our scalable storage solutions, you'll never have to worry about running out of space again.

Connectivity: Whether you're in the office or on the go, Ciphertex has you covered with a variety of connectivity options.

Reliability: From RAID configurations to military-grade encryption, we have many features that keep your data safe and secure.

Network Security

The increasing use of computer technology in our lives has made it important to be aware and careful about protecting yourself from hackers.

Network security is an important topic for anyone who operates a computer network. For the home user, it may be necessary to take steps towards securing their digital assets from unforeseen dangers that could compromise private information such as bank account numbers and passwords while away on holiday or at work; however small businesses would also need strong protections in place since they often have more financial resources available which makes them targets by criminals looking

for easy money through digitally exploiting weaknesses introduced during installation process applications programs.

Network security involves creating a secure infrastructure for devices, applications and users. It is important to ensure that the information flowing through this system can be trusted by all parties involved in order to prevent any malicious activity from occurring on an individual or organizational level


Benefits of Network Security

  • Keeps your business safe and secure
  • Mitigates risk for compliance and financial reasons
  • Protects proprietary information
  • Encourages a more modern workplace
  • Keep your data safe from ransomware attacks with our military-grade security encryption.
  • Sync and share files quickly and easily across offices and teams.
  • Process terabytes of data quickly and efficiently with our powerful processors.
  • Speed up virtualization and get more work done in less time with our fast storage capabilities

Network Security is a complex and broad field that deals with many different aspects of protecting your network. It can be broken down into hardware, software or processes/ rules configuration relating to how you use the internet for work purposes - whether this means staying safe from hackers who want accesses data on devices connected via Wi-Fi networks; preventing malicious outsiders intimidating employees through penetrative attacks such as ransomware schemes where they lock someone's computer until payment (in cryptocurrency) ensures no one makes off with confidential information stored within--or even just making sure laptop batteries don't go out while left charging unattended

Enterprise Strength Without the Complexity

With the ability to protect and manage data, SecureNAS is a powerful tool for your business. The intuitive design means that as soon you start using it all of those headaches associated with storing or accessing information on traditional systems are gone. You can now focus more time innovating within other aspects like offerings without having storage constraints holding back potential success.

-Output From massive SANS native applications running 100+ TBs across multiple platforms; think faster transactions & responsive customer experiences--always available due to versatile services.


Protect your business from data breaches


Top-tier Security and Protection

As data expands across various locations and devices, cyberattacks become a growing concern. To remain secure against malicious intrusion, organizations need to adopt an approach of zero trust: A proven method that helps protect valuable information while increasing visibility into security threats in real-time. Data security solutions are the key they provide powerful capabilities for staying ahead of risk with investigations, controls and compliance enforcement.

Always-on Data Protection

Keep your data safe and ensure business continuity with SecureNAS's Always-on Data Protection. The system is easy to use, even if you're not a IT pro!


SecureNAS Solutions

The CX-160KHD offers an ideal storage solution for businesses with a diverse array of needs. It can accommodate up to 16 drives, and comes equipped with two PCIe slots that support 10Gbps Ethernet networking cards as well any additional Virtual Machine Hosting requirements you may have! With its all in one platform offering cross platform file share capabilities backed by automatic backup software designed specifically around Microsoft Office 365 programs or Rsync options which will keep your data safe even if the power goes out while making sure everything runs smoothly should anything else happen at home too--this ruggedized device is ready when needed most.

ZFS RAIDZ levels: Mirror, Stripe Set, RAIDZ, RAIDZ2, and RAIDZ3

The SecureNAS’s rugged enclosure ensures durability and protection in all environments. For additional security, the CX-160KHD 352TB or 480 TB model comes with any requested number of FIPS 140 -2 (Level 3) validated Physical Encryption Keys(once installed your volumes are only accessible when this key is inserted). The SecureNAS is a high-performance storage system that features next generation Intel® Xeon processor and up to 256GB of DDR4 memory. It provides reliable server grade performance with its CiphertexOS, emphasizing data integrity in an ideal environment for file servers or virtualization environments where you need low latency access times without compromising your business critical information.

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