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Cyber theft costs businesses and enterprises hundreds of billions of dollars every year. Enterprise applications must meet a company’s demand and growth needs, keeping in mind that data security is always a concern. There’s always a challenge to maintain and protect highly sensitive and confidential digital data, including documents, emails, and applications, in an age of growing cybercrime. Security threats are inherently difficult to manage because there are so many different types and motivations behind them.

Data are lost or stolen all too often due to malicious actors, but terrorism, natural disasters, and industrial accidents create an evolving series of threats that demand enterprise level data protection. The impact of data security issues has a profound effect on our economy and society, but data storage and network security solutions can protect businesses, enterprises, and IT environments so they can function at full capacity and maintain full corporate support.

What Is Enterprise Data Security?

Enterprise data security is the management, delivery, and monitoring of security across all data resources within an organization. It includes tools, policies, and a framework to secure data and protect sensitive information.

Also known across the industry as enterprise/business data protection, it considers the latest data protection requirements by employing data encryption, multi-factor authentication, and data backup and recovery to improve network security.

Why Enterprise and Business Security Is Important

With cybercrime so prevalent, it is important to secure your network with enterprise data breach protection. No electronic data storage system is immune from attack. Advanced business security solutions can prevent confidential data from being accessed, manipulated, or stolen. Company and customer data can be used to obtain vital personal information, which puts people at risk and creates compliance issues.

Network security which includes secure data storage, NAS security, endpoint security, and the capability of encrypting sensitive information prevents this from happening. At Ciphertex, our enterprise security solutions offer military-grade data protection that has all these needs covered.

Enterprise Performance Solutions

Disaster Recovery, RAID, Encryption, 10 GbE, and more applications for business success.

Simplified NAS

Centralized data storage for file sharing and secure backup.

Data Protection

Worry-free data theft protection backed by AES-256 bit encryption.

Low Maintenance, Secure Data Solution

Maximize your IT department’s efficiency.

Compliant Solutions

The Graham-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999, Sarbanes-Oxley, and the Basel II Accord all mandate strict controls on how sensitive banking and customer data are handled and protected by financial institutions.

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) control how your organization stores, transmits, and processes customer credit card data. ISO 27001 is the international standard for managing a company’s information security from threats.

To meet compliance requirements, organizations are required to take proactive measures to establish storage and network security protocols for detecting vulnerabilities that can compromise sensitive data.

Ciphertex Data Security helps financial institutions meet these demanding regulations with its complete family of data security and storage solutions.

Ciphertex systems enable businesses, IT organizations, and enterprises of all sizes to consolidate applications. Agents can easily access business systems, reduce IT support, and, most importantly, ensure compliance. By deploying Ciphertex products, companies can rest assured that their business is compliant with standards such as SOX and GLBA, while benefiting from vital encryption and strong endpoint security, and fully secure data storage and NAS security.

Scalable & Cost Effective Data Protection

Whether you run a one-person office or a large enterprise, secure data storage is crucial to your business. Ciphertex Data Security solutions protect and store data while reducing the cost of storage and the complexity of security and backups. We deliver cost-effective, simple, and manageable enterprise data security solutions that easily scale with your organization’s growing needs.


Other Features Of Ciphertex Solutions

Our high-performance security solutions provide every business and enterprise client with a full set of benefits.

Encrypted Network: Our solutions allow data to be securely stored with AES 256-Bit encryption without sacrificing performance.

Simple Network Integration: Via Ethernet, setup, and maintenance iSCSI features for super-fast network integration.

Full Data Backup: Business continuity/disaster recovery, system and client backup, user account control, and data management support.

Speed: Support for all state-of-the-art network infrastructures for the best possible transfer rates and overall performance.

Centralized Storage: Small companies and remote corporate offices can set up centralized storage for file sharing and secure backup.


Full Network Security Solutions and Equipment

Ciphertex Data Security, the trusted data storage protection company, provides a full range of products, from software to portable NAS servers, that offer the highest level of business data breach protection. Our solutions are designed for IT, business, and enterprise applications. By employing an encryption key and multi-level authentication, data can only be accessed by authorized parties.

Our portable data servers, rackmount servers, and drives are protected with maximum security encryption to ensure the protection of sensitive information and compliance. We’ll even help you pick the right storage and data encryption systems for your business. Use our free RAID calculator online or contact us directly for assistance.

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