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Ensure Continuous Operations for Business-Critical Data and IT Infrastructure

Securely shuttle large amounts of your data from damaged location to new office or data center.

As technology continues to advance and agility becomes a basic tenet for companies to thrive, the concept of a remote workforce is no longer an idea for the future, but in action right now. While employees and companies alike are embracing the work from home concept, one issue remains at large. That issue is security. For companies with remote workers, data breach protection is a top priority. Fortunately, Ciphertex® has the most reliable secure data storage products on the market.

Companies can therefore maximize data security and network security across a remote workforce, so corporate data and remote workers remain safe.

How Ciphertex Can Help

Securely shuttle large amounts of your data from office to home and vice versa. According to the Ponemon Study, insufficient data protection costs the global economy $400 billion per year and $4 million per breach. Why take that risk? The Ciphertex SecureNAS® with its Cipher-Protect® Encryption Key delivers FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified protection, thereby ensuring data encryption and security regardless of how many remote employees are on your network.

You can also be completely confident in your security policy and that your infrastructure is safe from data breaches and other cybercrime. While maintaining proper social distancing, up to 10 remote workers can share the data residing on a single Ciphertex SecureNAS® by implementing our proprietary Ciphertex Quick-Link® technology, which uses common USB-3 ports and Quick-Link® cables to establish a network with remarkable ease, as pictured below:

Other Recommended Products

Ciphertex® recommends the following data protection solutions for remote workers. These high-performance security products include:
Our secure hard drive provides up to 2TB at up to 100MB/s on a 5400RPM drive. Also, SSD encryption is available with up to 8TB of storage and 540MB/s transfer speeds. Both support USB 3.0 connectivity, plus secure data storage on the go.
Provides up to 120TB SSD of military-grade data protection in a small, yet durable hardware storage solution. A fast USB 3.0 connection, iSCSI cross-platform file sharing, and suitability for file servers, data backup and restore, virtualization servers, and more make this NAS security system ideal for organizations with employees who work from home.
Disaster File Recovery
The Operating System
Every Ciphertex® SecureNAS® comes with our own remarkable CX-Linux Operating System, including our ZFS implementation. Incorporating many outstanding features, CX-Linux was conceived and designed to maximize data security, performance, and flexibility. Ciphertex® even offers its Custom Software Design Service to customize CX-Linux to meet your exact needs.
Built For Transportability
The Ciphertex® SecureNAS® is anything but a desktop unit with a handle bolted on. It is thoroughly ruggedized and designed from top to bottom to be transported without fear of physical damage, providing the most secure data storage available.
Confidently secure your data with Ciphertex FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified, AES-256 compliant security encryption.
Trusted And Valued
Trusted by the military, the healthcare industry, media & entertainment, the forensics community and the commercial sector in general, to name a few, the Ciphertex® SecureNAS® is the go-to storage server whenever and wherever data security and/or transportability are needed.

Evolution Of Working From Home

While working from home has always been a part of the business landscape, the COVID-19 era brought it to the forefront of commerce. Surveys show that at its height, over 60% of the entire working community worked from home. As restrictions are lifted, many will continue to work at home on a longer or even a permanent basis, so data protection for remote workers and their employers will continue to be a priority. The need to find a way to securely transport large amounts of data is only going to grow and grow. The Ciphertex SecureNAS® family of storage servers is the perfect solution.
Network Based Storage Virtualization
Remote Data Storage

Hard Transport Cases

We designed our Hard Transport Cases to completely protect Ciphertex® SecureNAS® storage servers during shipment. Ciphertex® cases represent hi-grade industrial engineering. Cell-core construction helps to transport and protect portable NAS servers in the most extreme conditions on Earth. The polymer o-ring helps seal out dust and water, while the Gore-Tex automatic pressure equalization valve allows air molecules to pass through, preventing “vacuum-lock.” The padlock on the case is mechanically reinforced to bolster security, reduce cutting, and minimize the chance of theft.

Ciphertex® Portable Single Drive

If you need to move smaller amounts of data (up to 8TB) securely from server to server, whether or not either, or both of, those servers is a Ciphertex SecureNAS®, the Ciphertex® Portable Single Drive products are the best solutions available to meet this need. Protected by its own encryption key, each portable single drive delivers the data security you truly need to protect your business and remote employees.

Portable Single Drive

Portable Servers for Content Storage for Remote Workers

In addition to supporting remote worker data management and protecting sensitive information, portable systems, just like our rackmount servers, help expand your IT infrastructure. Scaling cloud storage can meet the demands of your organization at any given time. With portable servers, you have hardware that helps migrate to cloud-based applications quickly giving remote workers access to the resources they need.

Built For Transportability

Data security doesn’t only pertain to encrypted devices, but it is quite effective at ensuring unauthorized parties can’t access data. A comprehensive security solution also helps implement your cybersecurity policy.

From uploading files to updating and maintaining records, remote employees are constantly interacting with your network from their devices. Our portable data servers, virtual file transfer solutions, and other products demonstrate our commitment to ensuring every employee has digital security while working remotely.

Endpoint Security Using Multi-Factor Authentication For Remote Workers

Implementing Ciphertex® backup solutions at each remote location allows you to back up critical data resources and have them available at a centralized location. You can also have them dispersed to multiple locations, which improves availability and adds redundancy.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication: Multi-Factor Authentication Has Become Mainstream As The Cybersecurity Climate Has Become More Complex And More People Work From Home.
  • Encrypting Sensitive Data: AES-256 Encryption In Addition To FIPS Compliant Algorithms (FIPS 140-2 Level-3) Are Vital Encryption Technologies For Companies With A Mobile Workforce.
  • Backup And Archiving Data Remotely: Our Security Solutions Meet The Strictest Data Protection Requirements And Ensure Reliable Data Backup And Recovery No Matter Where Your Data Resides.

Why Choose Ciphertex Data Security®

We are the leader in data and network security solutions and equipment for any business with remote employees. Our data encryption systems protect our clients’ data and their remote workers’ data. Ciphertex® has designed and manufactured military-grade NAS security equipment and encryption software, making us the most trusted data storage protection company. A free RAID calculator is available on our website, so you can determine your needs and ensure data protection when working from home.

To learn more about how we can help prevent confidential data from being lost, provide secure data backup and storage, and support disaster recovery in virtual work settings, call Ciphertex at 818-773-8989. today.

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