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Create, archive, and exhibit groundbreaking digital content.

With constant consumer demand for new digital content, the Media and Entertainment Industry has a projected revenue of $2.1 trillion in 2021. Let Ciphertex data storage solutions save you time and expense so you can focus on the art.

Ciphertex storage solutions save time and money by eliminating IT maintenance and providing blazing fast performance to ensure meeting deadlines and avoiding costly delays.


Ciphertex SecureNAS® for Media and Entertainment Production

Ciphertex SecureNAS® is the ideal home base for digital information from all stages of production. High-performance speeds, rapid data migration, scalable capacity, rugged portability and military-grade security make Ciphertex the preeminent storage solution for media and entertainment. Pair with our exclusive Quick-Link® technology to set up a secure USB-based network of up to 10 users, at speeds of 5GbE, all sharing the same content without internet connection, removing vulnerability to hackers. Coordinate production schedules, edit high-resolution 4k and 8k footage, and quickly upload and encrypt data simultaneously! Encryption options provide additional security without reducing performance.


Plug-in iPad Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Plus to Ciphertex SecureNAS©® via the USB-C port for rapid transfer speeds, unlimited storage capacity, and impenetrable data security.

Ciphertex SecureNAS® can connect to your peripheral via our USB-C port.

Revolutionize data storage for modern digital media and entertainment.

High-performance creation
Secured collaboration
Rugged portability
Limitless storage
Optimized workflow
Cost-effective archiving & backup

High performance for trailblazing digital media

Secure your dailies with lightning-fast transfers! Built for 4K and 8K digital content creation, Ciphertex SecureNAS® can reach up to 50 Gb/s of speed and handle intensive graphic tasks like high-resolution video and compositing, 3D rendering and VFX during pre-production, production, and post-production.

Unique to Ciphertex, our custom advanced file system, Linux ZFS is included in the Ciphertex SecureNAS® without a license fee, subscription or any additional charges.

Additional RAID protection provides Ciphertex storage systems with built-in redundancy (data backup) to ensure your backup is recent and functional, keeping valuable assets safe. RAID also bolsters performance, allowing data to be encrypted during the transfer processes with no loss of speed or performance.


Security and portability

Online piracy accounts for $29.2 billion – $71 billion in lost revenue each year but, luckily, Ciphertex makes it easy to avoid a potential financial and PR disaster!

Secure your creativity with Ciphertex AES 256-bit encryption, with FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certification at every stage, from development to distribution.


Streamline workflows and media storage access

Trusted by Paramount, Universal, and Warner Bros. Ciphertex provides all the additional solutions needed to move production from chaos to convenience. All Ciphertex accessories pair perfectly with the Ciphertex SecureNAS® series and are universally compatible with all standard devices. Their rugged, aluminum enclosers are designed for heat management and make Ciphertex products nearly indestructible.

From pre-production to content distribution,Ciphertex solutions provide high-performance speeds, scalable capacity, rugged durability, and impenetrable security to protect intellectual property so you can focus on the project.


Storage Solutions for Media and Entertainment

Ciphertex storage solutions save time and money by eliminating routine IT maintenance and providing faster performance to meet deadlines.

Lightning-fast throughput

Built for 4K and 8K digital content creation, SecureNAS appliances come with 10GbE to 200GbE network interface cards and all-flash storage to handle intensive graphic tasks such as high-resolution compositing, 3D rendering, animation, and VFX.

Secure your dailies

AES 256-bit hardware encryption and ZFS RAIDZ provide built-in redundancy and protection to ensure you always have a working copy of data. RAIDZ also bolsters read and write performance and allows data to be compressed, deduplicated, and encrypted during the storage process.

Streamline workflow and media storage access

The SecureNAS can connect and share data to multiple devices simultaneously via ethernet network or USB Quick-Link® connection. All Ciphertex appliances are universally compatible with industry standard networking and computing devices.

Built rugged for portability

Designed to go wherever your production takes you, the Ciphertex SecureNAS has a rugged, all-metal enclosure, purpose built carrying handle, and ISTA certified by a military-approved environmental testing lab.


With the SecureNAS writers are able to protect their ideas, drafts, and final scripts from unauthorized intruders.


Secure production information management systems enable producers to coordinate with personnel, partner companies, and creative professionals with confidence.


Documents that showcase a director’s artistic content and visualizations of screenplays can be secured, transmitted, and backed up.


High speed data transference means faster rendering and video I/O. The SecureNAS system also works as a mass storage local or remote backup for all past, present, and future projects.

Uncompromising performance and density for productivity and scale

SecureNAS high-speed and high-capacity appliances allow productions to store digital assets on one secure centralized storage server.

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