Oil & Gas

Securely Collect, Transmit, and Transport Drilling Data

Ciphertex Data Security’s SecureNAS line of scalable, encrypted network attached
storage meets the capacity challenges of geological and drilling data for portable
protection from the oil field to the data center.


Ciphertex Secure NAS line w/Encryption Key
FIPS-Certified140-2 (Level 3)



With their integrated platform approach, large organizations are able to easily backhaul critical data without worrying about how they'll get there! With Best Value solutions that consistently deliver an unprecedented level of ROI while providing efficient results. There's nothing more important than keeping your organization safe and secure in today's world where cyber attacks happen daily across different industries-Ciphertex has you covered with customized encryption techniques for any type of business or government agency.

Data Security In The Energy

The confluence of digital technologies, increased dependence on cyber data transfer methods, and the purchase and deployment of new operational concepts, has impacted the energy industry’s ability to secure data and prohibit cyber security breaches.

Whether your organization is producing, transporting, distributing, or providing services for oil, natural gas, coal, nuclear power, renewable energy and/or fuels, as well as electricity, smart grid, and demand response technologies, protecting data is essential.


Combat The TOP 10 Energy Cyber Security Vulnerabilities With Ciphertex Data Security

Ciphertex Data Security provides business critical applications such as encryption, backup, recovery, and scalability through practical, rugged and portable solutions which offer flexible data management and security on the go that can help you solve or prevent each and every one of the Top 10 Energy Cyber Security Vulnerabilities

1. Lack of cyber security awareness and training among employees

Train your employees on the simple and intuitive Ciphertex Data Security products while reinforcing the importance of following Ciphertex Data Security’s protocols in key management, file sharing, and best practices.

2. Remote work during operations and maintenance

Eliminate the unnecessary exposure of your data by implementing Ciphertex Data Security NAS or RAID encrypted rugged drives on site at all remote work locations.

3. Using standard IT products with known vulnerabilities in the production environment

Eliminate unprotected products from your workflow and replace them with Ciphertex Data Security’s solutions for all critical data storage needs.

4. A limited cyber security culture among vendors, suppliers and contractors

Remove the threat of exposed and vulnerable data with Ciphertex Data Security’s end-to-end solution.

5. Insufficient separation of data networks

Isolate data sets within Ciphertex Data Security’s NAS or RAID rugged encrypted secure drives, only to be transferred by trained personnel into the main data network, eliminating insufficient separation of data networks.

6. The use of mobile devices and storage units including smartphones

The Ciphertex Data Security solution is the mobile storage unit, which eliminates the dangers of having data transferred on inferior, non-encrypted drives or mobile devices.

7. Data networks between onshore and offshore facilities

Eliminate the threat of having your data compromised between onshore and offshore facilities by securing it with Ciphertex Data Security’s NAS or RAID encrypted secure, rugged drives.

8. Insufficient physical security of data rooms, cabinets, etc.

Ciphertex Data Security drives are key-encrypted, making them secure to the standards of our toughest customers, namely the U.S. Government facilities and organizations.

9. Vulnerable software

All Ciphertex Data Security products are engineered to seamlessly integrate with your secure software in a Mac, Windows, Linux or heterogeneous environment.

10. Outdated and aging control systems in facilities

Circumvent your outdated and aging systems by storing your data on Ciphertex Data Security encrypted rugged drives until your systems have been updated.

Secure, Efficient Information Management

The Ciphertex Data Security robust AES-256 bit encryption engine fuels a powerful centralized data management system that provides data consistency and accessibility. Enterprise class data management fosters a collaborative workflow for an efficient, streamlined process from a trusted solutions provider.

Encrypted, Rugged, Portable On-Site Collection

Ciphertex Data Security’s portable products with a secure handle, top-tier encryption, and ruggedized enclosure that has passed environmental tests in vibration, drop, shock, and humidity is a best practice for collecting and transporting business critical data.

Cyber Theft Protection

AES 256-bit hardware based encryption, the standard on all Ciphertex systems, is the best solution to protect against online hacks because it actively defends against cold boot attacks, malicious code, and brute force attacks.

Secure IT And OT Data Convergence

Centralized and secure data management is the most effective way to ensure secure and easy access to data for greater efficiency. Ciphertex’s IT & OT integrated data platform allows for more data analytics to boost your IT ROI and build business intelligence.

Lifecycle Data Security And Retention

Encryption, redundancy, and snapshots offer multi-layered data protection that meets data retention requirements and regulatory compliance. Use Ciphertex Data Security to reduce data downtime with real-time remote replication and instantaneous fail-over for maximum productivity and efficiency.

Secure Reliable Data Performance

Ciphertex Data Security’s fast, reliable transfer solution offers hybrid storage, 10 GbE connectivity, iSCSI, and Fiber Channel support to meet various performance needs, reduce costs and facilitate productivity. We provide block and object storage across nodes for faster, high capacity performance reaching into petabytes.

Adaptable And Scalable Data Growth Protection

Global energy demand will grow by more than a third by 2035. An adaptable and flexible solution, Ciphertex Scale-out and scale-up solutions meet the needs of unstructured data growth and easily, handle multi-petabyte storage and deployments.

TOP Tier Technical Support

Our low maintenance products are backed by a 5 year warranty. (See Warranty Page For Details)


Best-In-Class Energy Industry Protection
  • Upstream Data
  • Oil Field Data
  • Drilling Data
  • Locational Data (For Fracking)
  • Hydrocarbon Exploration Data
  • Refinery Data
  • Corporate Data Protection To Prevent Espionage
  • User Group Permissions
  • Antivirus
  • Large-Scale Simulation Data
  • Data Storage for Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery (BCDR)
  • Secure Data Shuttle From Oilfield To Refinery
  • Secure Network Environment
  • Unauthorized Access Prevention
  • Seismic Data
  • Weather Data
  • Data Secure Availability/Accessibility for Geoscientists and Engineers
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Well Data
  • Crude Data

What Energy Solutions Can Ciphertex Data Security Offer You?

Solution Benefits Impact
Rugged Portability A secure data collection product that can withstand the environment of any oil field, drilling, or fracking location, while being lightweight and compact for easy transport. Easy and fast transfer of business critical data in the field, and secure data shuttle for better business productivity and data protection.
Scalable Solutions An efficient method to allocate data space as needed to minimize costs and maximize ROI. Ciphertex Data Security scalable solutions like portable NAS servers and Software defined storage rack mounts are high density and high capacity solutions that efficiently handle data growth and allow for bigger data lakes for more analysis and better business decisions.
Real-time remote replication/RAID Real-time or scheduled data backups happen in reduced time for better backup efficiency. Archive and Backup data for protection and redundancy to enable the security of business critical files. Better business continuity and disaster recovery to minimize risk for more effective and efficient business practices.
Centralized Data Reduces inefficient storage use and data inaccuracies while offering collaboration and easy access for greater business productivity. Maximize data set usability and reliability for better analytics, productivity, and business efficiency.

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