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JUST A BUNCH OF DISKS (JBOD) and then some (up to 88TB of expansion storage) Ciphertex CX-40KHD JBOD is an expansion unit designed for the SecureNAS Series. JBOD units increase capacity and efficiency at a cost significantly less than NAS systems because they do not contain a motherboard and other expensive components. Drive pools and settings can be configured from the SecureNAS’s web interface, providing additional storage options for companies that need to store data at rest or in transit. For example, when JBOD is connected to SecureNAS CX-160KHD-X (16-bay), the total capacity is 400TB, or almost one half of a petabyte.

All SecureNAS systems can connect to multiple 4- and 8-bay JBODs to increase the NAS’s overall capacity. CX-JBODs may also be used as direct attached storage (DAS) solution for local backup.

The enclosure ensures military-grade durability and transportability.

Hardware Specs

4 hot swap 3.5” HDDs or 2.5″ SSDs – Up to 88TB RAW storage capacity

Status/Power, USB, LAN

Power, Reset, Copy

0 – 60C (32F ~ 140F)

Height: 10.5” (266.7 mm); Width: 7” (178 mm); Depth: 10.5” (266.75 mm)


LCD display for real-time information and easier system management

Smart cooling fan detects internal component temperatures to automatically adjust its speed, delivering the quietest possible operation

Enterprise-grade hardware for maximum reliability and performance

Supports scalable centralized storage: backup, sharing, and disaster recovery

Optional 5-year extended warranty (standard 3-year)

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Benefits of a JBOD

For companies looking for a cost-effective and increase in storage, JBOD offers an ideal solution. With the capability of adding hundreds of TBs worth of data capacity, this innovative technology is a smart choice for growing enterprises.

A few examples:

  • Data backup and archiving
  • Security and surveillance
  • Media storage
  • Replacing tape drives
  • High availability and data protection

Ciphertex Delivers Peace of Mind
with Every SecureNAS®

Ciphertex is proud to lead the Data Security Industry by offering up to a 5-Year Warranty on all models of our SecureNAS® server product line,
starting with a standard 3-Year Warranty.

Parts and factory labor are fully covered, along with unlimited technical support and return ground shipping from our facility. Field service
warranties at various response levels are optionally available.


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