Single Drive Encryption Key


Single drive encryption keys protect sensitive data while at rest or in transit by preventing unauthorized access. Providing security and reliability without impacting drive performance, the encryption key accompanied with Ciphertex® single drives deliver comprehensive archive, backup and storage, making it an ideal and secure solution for businesses. Additional encryption keys for Ciphertex® single drives may be purchased by sending Ciphertex® an existing key to be copied. If all keys are lost and there is no key to copy from, we cannot recreate a new key for the product.
Contact a CIPHERTEX® sales representative for pricing and additional information on custom configurations, expansions and accessories.

Ciphertex® Delivers Peace of Mind with Every SecureNAS®

Ciphertex® is proud to lead the Data Security Industry by offering up to a 5-Year Warranty on all models of our SecureNAS® server product line, starting with a standard 3-Year Warranty.

Parts and factory labor are fully covered, along with unlimited technical support and return ground shipping from our facility. Field service warranties at various response levels are optionally available.

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