The Importance of IT Disaster Recovery Plans

For your business to succeed, it is crucial to have an IT disaster recovery plan in place. Even if you have the best IT hardware and IT personnel, one thing is inevitable, data loss. No matter how careful you may be, you still must have a data backup and recovery plan to protect you from unexpected threats. This is why you must invest in data security solutions for disaster recovery.

Reasons You Need an IT Disaster Recovery Plan

Whether you’ve insured your hardware or not, you still need to invest in a data recovery plan. No insurance can bring back data from a failed hard drive. Here are the top five reasons you need an IT disaster recovery plan.

1. Hardware Failure

Technology has come a long way in ensuring that most hardware is resistant to failure, but since we don’t live in a perfect world, your hardware could fail you without warning at any time. When that happens, you don’t want to experience any downtime, which would result in massive losses and reputation damage for you and your company.

2. Natural Disasters

Another reason to have an IT disaster recovery plan is to protect against natural disasters. Threats like this have always been, and always will be a part of life. These could be floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, or whatever other powerful forces nature throws at you in your geographic location. Natural disasters can severely affect your business, leading to data loss.

3. Cybercrime

Cybercrime is one of the primary reasons you must have an IT disaster recovery plan in place. Whether it’s a virus or ransomware, you must put safeguards in place to ensure your data is protected in the event of an attack.

4. Human Error


No matter how much you invest in employee training, no one is perfect. One of your employees could accidentally delete some important files or forget to save some important changes, leading to your company losing valuable data. This is why it’s important to back up your data regularly.

5. Unexpected Disruptions

Disruptions in your power supply or your internet connectivity may not happen often, but they could spell disaster for your business when they do. These disruptions may lead to loss of productivity and also cause you to lose valuable data.

Benefits of an IT Disaster Recovery Plan

Having an IT disaster recovery plan in place should never be an afterthought. Start proactively preparing for the threats that could affect your data. Here are the key benefits of having a solid plan in place:

Business Reputation and Customer Satisfaction

A good data recovery plan will help you quickly recover information in the event of data loss. As a result, you’ll preserve your reputation as a business. More than that, you’ll ensure a high level of customer satisfaction ratings and ultimately boost business growth. The opposite is also true; your customers are likely to leave you if you fail to recover from a data loss.

Data Security

Data has become one of the most important assets every business has. It helps you build relationships and design great experiences for your customers. Not having updated data security means jeopardizing your customers’ privacy, which could lead to lawsuits that can sink your business.

A good IT data recovery plan will help you mitigate this by ensuring all your data is safe from all types of disasters, man-made or natural.

IT Disaster Recovery – It’s No Longer Optional

Business continuity, data security solutions, and reliable data storage solutions must be at the core of every business’s IT infrastructure. At Ciphertex®, we specialize in ensuring that your business keeps on running efficiently, even in the event of an IT disaster. Give us a call at 818-773-8989 to hear more about our data security solutions for disaster recovery.


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