Data filesharing

Data filesharing is the process of transferring files between computers on a network. This can be done through a variety of methods like file transfer protocol (FTP) and peer-to-peer networks. Data filesharing is a convenient way to share files between computers, and it can also be used to distribute software and other digital content.


Streamline Filesharing

The Ciphertex SecureNAS system is an innovative approach to data transfer over global WANs. Rather than optimizing or high-speed bandwidth, we use breakthrough transport technology that fully utilizes available network bandwidth while also securely scaling up. Ciphertex takes this idea one step further by also using networking technology, eliminating any bottlenecks or slowdowns in order for big data movement across global WANs to be quick and efficient.

Filesharing Advantages

We provide ultra-fast, stable filesharing solutions for organizations of all sizes with a wide range of features designed specifically around any organization. With Chiphertex’s revolutionary technology you'll never have access restrictions or slowdowns again as we seamlessly integrate both local/on-premise storage options alongside third party cloud platforms so there are no limitations whatsoever when it comes time to transfer large files across borders quickly.


High-Speed Transfers

Ciphertext transmission technology used by this platform ensures that large files can be quickly and easily transmitted. A breakpoint resume system allows for quick resumes from anywhere in the process if needed allowing multiple checks for quality assurance along with automatic repeating mechanisms that ensure both speeds as well quickness during data transfers.


Filesharing Security

The data is encrypted by SSL throughout the whole process, thus ensuring a safe flow of production files. The built-in security includes user authentication and more to protect your information


Easy Syncs

With the use of its cloud storage system, you can store files on multiple networks and access them from anywhere. It's ideal for those who want an easier way to share data across computers or devices without having a physical connection thus offering reliability when transferring data to designated points.


User-friendly Permission management

With the intuitive interface and easy sending capabilities of this software, employees can share files or folders with precision. The permission levels ensure that only appropriate people receive them.



Ciphertex's file transfer system is a great way for organizations or enterprises to collaborate on files. Organizations can work together on files and share them quickly and securely from anywhere in the world in an instant. The encrypted connections ensure that only those who should have access see what you're sharing.

Large File Transmission

In today's world, corporations are transferring terabytes-sized and petabyte files every day. With the help of our intelligent compression technology that automatically resumes transmission when it detects an error or break in connection organizations don’t have to worry about losing data again.


Transmission Challenges

The traditional way of transferring files between two locations is through a tool such as FTP. However, these methods have high latency and packet loss rates because they're relying on network physical conditions which cannot guarantee dependability for transmissions to work properly in every situation possible. It has become an issue when it comes time to transmit large amounts over long distances without experiencing problems like slow transmission speeds due to volume increases at either end.

Enterprise's need for improving efficiency and solving problems is imperative in today’s world. It's one of those issues that enterprises face, which can be solved with the help of Ciphertex SecureNAS.

It is important to consider the physical conditions of networks when transmitting files

Ciphertex transmission technology offers organizations the best to send files without worrying about them getting interrupted or lost. It will optimize your network bandwidth so you can enjoy file transfers in a secure environment. It is important to consider the physical conditions of networks when transmitting files.


Ciphertex Benefits


Ciphertex protocol can reduce bandwidth consumption and increase network efficiency, making it cost effective for organizations with limited resources like remote or multinational offices who need quick responses from their employees across the globe without cutting down on performance

  • High-speed Transmission
  • Bandwidth Improvement
  • Reduced Latency and Packet Loss
  • International Enterprise Transmission

The high performance of terabytes-sized and large files transmission offered by Ciphertex reduces the cost of bandwidth while making full use of existing network resources. Transmission speed is increased through their innovative protocol that eliminates defects such as latency or packet loss, ensuring an efficient transfer rate in any situation. With these functions point to point mode encryption using SSL/TLS along with breakpoint resume ability thanks also load balancing ensures dependability safety netting security features. Ciphertext ensures ultimate protection against outside interference during confidential transactions

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