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Secure data storage is crucial in the legal industry. Nowadays, attorneys can work just about anywhere, so sensitive client data may be contained on a laptop, external hard drive, or PDA. It’s easy to stop and get online at a local café or wherever there is a Wi-Fi connection (which may or may not be secure). Legal data breach protection is, therefore, a top priority. At Ciphertex, we provide legal security solutions that protect confidential data against exposure, which can create complicated legal issues.

Cybercrime is more prevalent and more sophisticated than ever before. A single network breach can expose the data of tens of millions of people, which has happened in the finance industry. Lawyers cannot afford to have the data of even one client exposed. Data encryption, network security, and other forms of security are, therefore, critical. Below, we will explain why and we will discuss the benefits of our security solutions that protect your law firm against data theft.

Why Data Security is important for Law Firms

There are strong ethical guidelines that govern how lawyers handle their clients’ information. With a lack of data security, an attorney’s entire practice and career may be on the line. Data protection for lawyers is also important because:

  • Exposure of data can violate the attorney-client privilege
  • An attorney may lose clients and face a damaged reputation
  • A legal professional may face a malpractice lawsuit
  • A lawyer may lose their legal license
  • Client documents may be used to access personal information, leading to identity theft

By protecting sensitive information, these issues can be avoided. But there are other benefits for your legal team when proper data security measures are taken. Meeting data protection requirements is crucial, and our high-performance security solutions for law firms also provide the infrastructure to:

  • Allow lawyers and other personnel to work remotely
  • Support bulk file transfer
  • Establish chain of custody
  • Reduce or avoid human error
  • Monitor and control data from anywhere
  • Provide security encryption at all times
  • Let non-technical legal professionals protect data
  • Establish perimeter and endpoint security
  • Remotely control access to external devices
  • Comply with all relevant data storage/encryption regulations


Data encryption systems convert text, forms, documents, and other readable legal data into a code that cannot be read by humans. Private messages have been sent in this manner for many years. Encrypting sensitive information works similarly, so documents protected by the attorney-client privilege cannot be read, even when seen by anyone else. Our portable NAS servers and other systems secure information with military grade data protection encryption, so even the most highly sensitive and confidential data in your law firm are kept secure.

Our network security solutions and equipment are designed to protect legal data “at-rest” and “in-transit.” An encrypted message appears unintelligible, which is made possible by an encryption algorithm. This is also known as a “cipher.” The only way to decrypt the message into readable data is to use an encryption key, which is a major component of the government’s Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

Best Practices To Secure Your Client Data

In many law firms, on-premise data storage, including personal computers, lack vital encryption. An on-premise infrastructure not only requires a dedicated IT staff, but also creates security concerns. Cloud data storage doesn’t protect all your data when in use on a device or transmitted over a network. Your best bet to prevent confidential data loss is to have a data security solution that protects and encrypts data at every stage.

Another best practice is to back up data in at least two locations. Hardware issues can put network security at risk, so verifying system performance from time to time is important. Multi-factor authentication, transportability, disaster recovery, and business continuity systems complement your encrypted network as well, while an advanced data backup and recovery system protects legal data at all levels.


What is E-Discovery

With the rapid rate of change in technology and the seemingly endless growth in data consumption, it is expected that the volume of stored data will continue to grow exponentially into the future. The immense proliferation of electronically stored information (ESI) has changed the discovery and use of evidence in modern litigation. Electronic discovery or e-Discovery, is the discovery of electronic content dealing with the exchange of ESI in civil litigation or government investigations. This typically requires identifying data spread across laptops, email servers, file servers, and other sources.

Simultaneous High Speed Data Imaging

Process up to 4 Imagers with ZERO performance degradation. One goal achieved in the development of the CiphertexOS operating system was to take full advantage of state-of-the-art components, including enterprise level processors, memory, controllers and interfaces that enable the Ciphertex SecureNAS® to connect up to four Forensic Imagers. The optimization of the CiphertexOS created significant performance head room to simultaneously acquire forensic data from all four imagers with zero performance degradation. The CiphertexOS is also able to easily handle heterogeneous configurations allowing multiple input sources to each have different file systems.

Save time, increase throughput, and make more money. When you are paid by the task, the simple math is to work smarter and not harder.


Ciphertex SecureNAS® Quick-Link

Connect up to 10 Devices

Easily connect your SecureNAS® to any Windows, Mac, or Linux computer via a fast USB-3 connection with the Ciphertex proprietary, secure, USB Quick-Link cable. With the add-on of the USB 3 expansion you can add up to eight additional USB encrypted connections without the need for network peripherals and risky passwords. Our USB Quick-Link® has a chip inside that allows it to act as a Network connection without the necessity to connect directly to the network itself. The USB Quick-Link cable provides a fast and secure direct connection allowing up to 10 users to simultaneously share secure information on the NAS.

The Ciphertex USB Quick-Link® is a perfect, secure and compact system for special operations in the field that won’t require additional hardware or an IT specialist to administer. Whether you’re in the field, an airplane, a hotel or a surgical center, our USB Quick-Link® allows up to 10 computers to plug-in, access and share the data at the same time with the ease of a simple USB cable plug in.

For further security and ease of use the, Ciphertex-Protect® Encryption Key will eliminate the need for someone to remember long passwords or risk losing those written passwords. Simply connect the Ciphertex-Protect® Encryption Key and use the onboard keypad to unlock the system.

Work With a TOP Data Storage Protection Company

Ciphertex provides some of the most advanced portable data servers and NAS security equipment in the industry. We can offer your law firm a network security system that meets the strictest military standards. Understanding how important it is to protect legal data, and how crucial it is that lawyers, attorneys, and other legal professionals secure confidential information, our team can provide an AES-compliant system with 256-bit encryption.

For more information on our data security hardware and software, and to access our free RAID calculator, continue browsing or contact us at 818-773-8989.

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