Ciphertex: Who Are We?

Ciphertex Data Security® is trusted around the globe to provide solutions for data encryption, storage, and transportation. Our products and services are used by military organizations, government agencies, industry leaders, businesses, and personal users. With advanced AES 256-bit encryption technology, these devices are powerful enough to keep even your most sensitive data secure.

How do you know if the encrypted systems from Ciphertex® are the right choice for you? Not only do we offer some of the most trusted devices on the market, but we also create custom solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our experienced team is happy to work with you and create the perfect solution for your unique data security needs.

Regardless of your goals, our encryption-based solutions are a necessity for anyone handling sensitive or private data. For more information about Ciphertex Data Security®, you can download our Ebook below.

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